Saturday, May 17, 2014

My 24th Birthday - NOX Dine in the dark

It's time to start my blog again
Time pass
Today is my 24th birthday
What i gonna do today?
12am my lovely housemate boil 2 red eggs for me
As i said i'm a tradition person
And i received a gift from my dear
CHLOE perfume that i like the most

Morning finally i have a breakfast from my dear

Lorong Ah Soo - 一流香椰浆饭
After having this breakfast
I go to work lu
Today i decided to do something good
I went NTUC to buy some foods for sick aged

These what bought to sick aged people nearby my neighbourhood
There is a Society For Aged Sick
There are about 200 pax of patients there
It is a Society for the Aged Sick
It is charitable organization with total 244 beds
which offering residential care for the destitute and aged sick
Volunteer, Donation either in monetary or benefit in kind as most welcome
I hope everyone will lend a helping hand to help anyone who need help
Below is the address:
130 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 538900

Finish work there is a thing that surprise from my dear
Da Ra~~~
His first ever handmade cake

Someone being cheated by webpost only need to whisk for 15min
wnd up become 1 hours
Thanks dear!!

After that we going out for celebration
at a restaurant call NOX
Dine in a dark
"What Does a Tomato Taste Like?"
"Can you differentiate between beed & lamb?"
"Poached Peach vs Poached Pear can tell the difference in dark?"
"Can you taste the difference between lemon & lime?"

This is the waiting lounge
This is the area which bartender prepare cocktail/wine
Let me share some information about this restaurant

The concept
Plunge into an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation you have never experienced before, and join us on a culinary journey through taste, smell, touch and sound, in total darkness. Seated in our pitch-black dining room, you will be guided and served by blind or visually impaired individuals who have been specially trained to offer guidance and reassurance to sighted guests. 

It is a truly human experience when the roles are reversed and the blind become your eyes, opening your mind to a deeper consciousness. This affinity leads to mutual trust and respect, and a realization of the value of their work and overall ability to carry out tasks. Also, discover our exquisite menu crafted from the finest ingredients by our Chef de Cuisine and his team, and enhance your experience with our fine wine selection and unique signature cocktails customised for each individual's palate. 

One that is definitely a treat for special occasions, Nox - Dine in the Dark is more than just dining, it is a unique mind-altering sensory experience. Be the first in Singapore to experience this new European dining trend and 'see' it for yourself! 

How it works
Upon your arrival at Nox - Dine in the Dark, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and escorted to the lounge area where you will be briefed on the concept and what you can expect from your dining experience. Enjoy our signature surprise cocktails customised to your palate that introduces the mystery of this sensory journey, or select from our well-developed list of fine beverages. Also, an amuse-bouche will be served, giving you a glimpse of the chef\'s approach to the art of cuisine, and the quality of food we have to offer. Our 3-course prix fixe dinner is a set mystery menu that will have you discovering subtleties of flavor you never knew existed. A vegetarian and/or vegan menu is available upon request. Please let us know if you have any food restrictions or allergies so that we can tailor your menu accordingly. In addition, please restate your food preferences to your guide as he/she serves your food, to avoid confusion. Before heading upstairs to the dining area, you will be required to place all bags, outerwear and objects that produce light (such as mobile phones, lighters, watches, etc.) in a locker by the lounge. These items are prohibited in the dining room. We are pleased to inform that the lockers are made available to you at no charge. We also recommend that you visit the restroom before you proceeding to the dining room as leaving the room halfway through your meal might ruin your dining experience. Special security measures have also been taken to ensure that your experience is both safe and enjoyable. 

During Dinner 
After your table is ready, you will be escorted to the entrance of the dining area where you will be introduced to your guide who will take care of your needs for the duration of the dinner. Your guide will then lead you to your seat and give you a brief description of what you can expect to find on your table. All guests must follow strict safety instructions and never move around in the dark dining room without being led by a guide. You may order additional beverages at any time when in the dining area. Just call your guide by his/her first name and he/she will come over as soon as possible to take your orders. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed, feel free to let your guide know and he/she will be able to take you back into the light if you wish. 

At the end of your dinner, you will be led out of the dining area by your guide. We strongly recommend that you look down towards the ground as you proceed out into the light and to open your eyes slowly because your eyes may have become hypersensitive to light after a duration in complete darkness. As you enter the lounge area, we will present you with pictures and descriptions of what you have eaten earlier, and you can compare it with your impressions and guesses of them. At this juncture, you may also order more beverages if you wish, or indulge in another surprise cocktail from our talented bartender to complete your sensory journey with us. Please be reminded to pick up your belongings from the locker and return the key before you leave. Your bill can be settled within the lounge area.

We require to fill up the survey form regarding to the food we eat

The drink we ordered before we leave

The bartender is preparing our drinks

According to the staff 
Their menu will change every month
People can have a try on different set of menu every month

This is a great restaurant i would like to recommend to all people
Their idea are very special
This is the only dining place that offer job opportunity to people who loss the sight
They are the only people that can work in this environment
The whole dining experience is in dark
We can't even see each other
The only way by using sensory system 
Listen, Touch, Feel, Smell & Taste
The foods and service crew are awesome!!
I'm so surprise the service crew able to know the positioning of cutlery
They really able to do and work well
Respect their spirit
and from this i can really feel what if i loss of eyesight in future
one thing that i knew that when you can't see your food
The food will taste even much more better
and you won't be choosy anymore
coz sometimes you don't even know what you are eating
you can only guess & use your sense

The exterior of the dining place

Thanks dear for the lovely gift, cake, poem & dinner
Love You so much!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Official website of NOX

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Self - Explore Singapore - Vegetarian Food @ Bugis

Today is 13th May 2014
which is also Wesak Day
I decided to go vegan today
I started to google and see whether is there any vegetarian food nearby bugis
And i saw a post from "Hungry Ang Mo" - Jiv Jago
I would like to have a try 
Jiv Jago is located at 17 Bali Lane
This is it

The design of the shoplot along this street quite special
a lot tourist and ang mo passing by

This is the menu
Order and payment are made on the spot
The owner of this shop was very friendly
as i ordered a lemon tea without ice which is not on the menu
He purposely made one for me

 Hot Lemon Tea

 Vegetarian Bolognese Pasta

Just some picture about the interior of the shop

After having this i went to pray at Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple

This is the famous temple in Singapore that many people will visit
Below are the history of the temple:

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, located at Waterloo Street, is a popular place of worship for local devotees of Kuan Yin or Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy. Built in 1884, it is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Singapore and is a fine example of late 19th century Chinese temple courtyard architecture.

HistoryKwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple started first as a temple dedicated to the goddess of mercy, Kuan Yin. Other deities were added later with time. These include Ta Ma Tan Shith, a.k.a. Da Mu Tuo Shi, chief of the six Buddhist patriarchs, and Hua Tua, a doctor of Han dynasty who is the Chinese patron saint of medicine.

The temple underwent alterations and additions in 1895. It was demolished in the late 1970s and rebuilt all over again in 1982 with the job commissioned to Tay & Yeo Architects. With the reconstruction, the temple grew twice in size. In 2001, the land on which the old temple once stood was officially designated a historic site by the National Heritage Board.

During the Japanese Occupation, the temple was a popular place for people seeking refuge. In recent times, it has been a focal point of philanthropic activity, contributing generously to the needy and sick. Some of its most well known philanthropic activities include giving donations to the National Kidney Foundation and donating a sum of S$1.5m to the National University of Singapore to set up a professorship in computing. The temple also gives out bursaries to needy students irrespective of race. It is also a patron of the arts in Singapore.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple forms a part of a network of historically significant religious buildings in the Waterloo Street such as the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Sri Krishnan Temple, Malabar Jama-ath Mosque and the Maghain Aboth Synagogue. The temple, a hallmark of traditional Chinese temple courtyard architecture, is reflective of craftsmanship popular in the late 19th century. With the reconstruction work in 1982, many new features were added while some old ones were retained.

In the old days, visitors to the temple entered through a recessed porch and screened anteroom which gave access to a large, covered courtyard. The courtyard led to the main prayer hall where the three main deities; Kuan Yin, Ta Ma Tan Shith and Hua Tua; were kept on separate altars. Another altar with a large idol of Sakyamuni Buddha was kept in the rear hall.

In the current structure, all the deities are kept within a single altar with the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha placed just behind that of Kuan Yin. Though the positions of the main deities were changed, other idols in the temple were kept in their old places. The current temple has two different roofs at different heights. Entrance to the temple is gained through a large gateway flanked by two smaller gates on its either side. Yellow swastikas adorn the ends of the roof rafters. The ridges have simple curves with calligraphy or decorations denoting good omen. Another feature of the new temple is that there is no candle or incense burning inside the temple hall. The urn for offering incense is placed outside the temple hall to prevent the soot from staining the ceiling.

The temple's most well known feature is its divination activity. Qian or divining sticks, which are wooden sticks with writing, are placed in a brass can and shaken. The clanking of these cans have been resounding in the temple since 1884. When the sticks fall out they are interpreted to foretell a person's future. In 1990, the temple became the first temple in Singapore to provide divination slips with English translations for English-educated devotees and tourists.

Most devotees visit the temple on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar calendar. However, the temple's most festive season is the eve of Chinese New Year when the temple is kept open all night long. People turn up in thousands and the whole street fronting the temple is packed with worshippers wanting to offer incense to the goddess of mercy for an auspicious start to the year.