Monday, May 14, 2012

Malacca trip - Day 3

Day 3
Our last day in Malacca
  So fast our trip going to end soon
As usual we went for breakfast
Then we heading towards Dataran Pahlawan for shopping
I bought one long dress and a singlet for my coming trips
 The dress having 50% discount
Quiet worth to buy

After that we went for a movie called Ghost
The actors are from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong
Starting was quiet interesting and funny
But middle of the movie used too much computer effect
Me and my friends fall asleep until almost finish only wake up 

After movie we went the roof top of Dataran Pahlawan to find a shop name Nadeje
The layer cake shop we must go
Unfortunately there is a paper stated "Only available for take away"
The staff there told us we have to cross the road and go over to Mahkota Parade if we want to dine in
We went there
The shop was full of customers
If we want to sit inside have to fill in a form for reservation also
We started to take our order

 Sliced Smoke Salmon Vegeroni (RM 10.80)
 Yaki Udon (RM 7.80)
 Chicken Teriyaki Bento (RM 10.80)
 Chicken Katsu Bento (RM 10.80)

 Tropical Love (RM 4.80)
 Mango Yakult (RM 5.50)
 Summer Dream (RM 3.80)
 Angle Heart (RM 3.80)

Total we spent about RM 90 for this meal

After that we walked back to hotel and call taxi
It took 40 minutes again to walk back
We took 7pm bus from Malacca return back to BTS - Delima

Because we are in rush 
So, once we reach BTS we straight away take KLIA transit back to Kl Sentral
It was fast and confortable
We no need keep changing train
It only RM 4.20
For those we in rush this is the better choice
Luckily we reach there on time and we bought 10.30pm ETS ticket back to Kampar
It cost RM 27 with student ID

When reach Kampar
We return to our hostel
Our 3 days 2 nights graduation trip end here

Bye Bye My Friends
See You Guys On October

Malacca trip - Day Two

Day 2
As we decided to wake at 7am and have breakfast at 8am
But end up we wake at 8am
After shower and brush teeth
3 of us heading to our hotel restaurant to have our buffet breakfast
There are nasi lemak, rendang, american breakfast, juice, tea and so on

After that we back to our room and get ready to explore Malacca town
We visited Malacca Heritage City, St. Paul's hill, Jonker Street, 
Muzium Samudera & Kota Laksamana

1. Malacca Heritage City

The street that full of foreigner and visitors

2. St. Paul's Hill

 We meet foreigner who asked us to take photos together
 We meet Utarian~Psychology Senior
From Sekretariat Hari Belia Negara 2012
We meet new friends, we dance together - Flash mop

3. Jonker Street

 This is the chicken rice ball shop recommended by local people

 We ordered for 2 person it cost RM18
We went Tan Kim Hock for drinks and cendol
We ordered:
1. Cendol Durian
2. Cendol Gula Melaka
3. White coffee -  Best seller
 Jonker 88
The place we have asam laksa and cendol

 Nyonya Asam Laksa (RM 5)
 Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Asam Laksa (RM 5)
 Cendol biasa (RM 3)

 Durian and Yogurt puff
Like it mentioned
We need to use one bite to consume the puff
My Hello Kitty spac 

3. Muzium Samudera
 Entrance fees for Malaysian RM 3
While foreigner RM6
It open until 5pm
We can snap a lot of photos, recall back some of the history that we studied in secondary also

 Our titanic love story~~
 Everything put aside when everyone saw camera

 While on our way back to hotel
We saw a lot of people taking photos of RAJA SEHARI
I dunno whether they are model or real spouse
Suddenly one gang of people pull the "Raja" towards 4 of us
Few people holding ipad and DSLR captured the photo
We stunned but still took photo with his
This is it

We went Jalan Bunya Raya crave for fried oyster, shi ham and lala
 This stall open at night
Many people waiting for it
We waited about one hour to dabao
The price is RM 6
This stall is located at Medan Makan Boon Leong at Jalan Bunga Raya

 This stall also along the Jalan Bunga Raya
Same row with fried oyster
But it is located nearby the drainage and lorong one
It is located nearby the lorong of Madam King
Eat plate Shi ham and Lala cost RM 1.50
Sad case that day they dun have prawn
Their prawn really ichiban!!
The best time to go over is about 7 something to 8 something
Cause they will sell off everything in just a nick of time

After that
We went Jonker Street again
Morning and night are different
Before that we snap some photos along the riverside
The environment are calm and romantic

 4. Kota Laksamana - Asam Pedas Claypot

This Asam Pedas Claypot very tasty
With the combination of sour and spicy
The staff at there very efficient in taking order and serving customers too
It cost RM 7.50 per serving

Around 1am we got back to our hotel
Such a tiring day
Whole day travel from one place to another place by using No. 11 car

Crazy night started
Received a surprise from my besties
Sexy Sleeping Dress as my birthday present
Really a big surprise from them
Memorable ya
We bought 4 Heineken
We are not bad girl
We just want to have a try of it

Wearing Heineken Singlet while holding Heineken

We played card games
We loss have to choose a way to be punish
such as draw thick eyebrow, pig nose, cat de misai, sexy lips, singing, nose hair, pimple face and so
We laughed till tear almost drop
It was too funny
I still laugh when I recall back
This can me our most memorable trip in our 4 years Uni life

Everything will end
Our friendship will never end
Glad to have you all as my friends
Hold my hand when i scare to cross the road and drain
Let me sleep in the middle when I scare of ghost
Allow me to sleep for more awhile when I lazy to get up
Listened to me when i was down

Love You ALL

Our new name
余游客(DA BO ING)