Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bali Trip - Day 4 (Tanah Lot, Denpasar)

Last day of our Bali Trip
Kuta "Beach Walk" before we leave this lovely town

Last place of visit - Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is one of the important directional temples in Bali
The temple is located on a rock just offshore.
 It is said to be the work of revered 15th century Hindu priest Nirartha and forms an important element of Balinese spirtualism and mythology.
This is an extremely popular tourist destination and the whole area is often very busy indeed, especially in the late afternoons, pre-sunset. The area between the car park (IDR 5,000 per vehicle) and the beach adjacent to the temple is a maze of souvenir shops selling just about every Balinese trinket imaginable.
Once you have fought your way through the souvenir vendors to the beach, you will see the magnificent temple perched on a rock just a few metres offshore. 
There is a footpath to the raised cliff area just to the south from where the views of the temple and the sunset behind it are outstanding. Photo-opportunities abound.
At low tide visitors can walk to to the base of Tanah Lot. F
or a small donation you can be blessed and can then walk some 20 metres around the side on a path, that eventually leads up to the temple. You have no better view of than from that on the sand. 
The only advantage being that you are standing on the base of Tanah Lot itself.

Do you spot anything in this photo?
There is a crab :)

 Our 4 days 3 nights Bali Trip end dy~~
Time flies
Is time to say Goodbye to Bali
Will visit you again in future 

*tour per day IDR 400,000 - 450,000 (per day for 4 pax)


Bali Trip - Day 3 (Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Sky Garden)

Day 3 morning let's snap some beach view from hotel

Miss you so much
Regret i didn't spend more time to be with you

1st place of visit for Day 3 - Massage & Spa
(something you must try at Bali)
Price list to refer:

2nd Place of visit - Uluwatu
Uluwatu Temple (Pura Uluwatu) is one of Bali's nine key directional temples.
 Though a small temple was claimed to have existed beforehand, the structure was significantly expanded by a Javanese sage, Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century. Another sage from East Java, Dang Hyang Nirartha is credited for constructing the padmasana shrines and is claimed to have attained Moksha here.
 Even more remarkable than the temple itself is its location, perched on a steep cliff 70 metres above the roaring Indian ocean waves. There are more steep headlands on either side and sunsets over Uluwatu are a sight to behold.
The entrance fee from 2012 is IDR 30,000 and you need to be properly dressed to enter. 
Sarongs and sashes are available free at the entrance. Guides, once famously mercenary, hassle visitors less than they used to, although they will offer to "protect" you from the monkeys, for a tip of course. 
Note that while you are free to walk around the temple grounds, the central courtyards can only be entered during special rituals.
The temple is inhabited by large number of monkeys, who are extremely adept at snatching visitors' belonging, including bags, cameras and eyeglasses. 
Keep a very close grip on all your belongings and stow away your eyeglasses if at all possible. If you do have something taken, the monkeys can usually be induced to exchange it for some fruit.
 Needless to say, rewarding the monkeys like this only encourages them to steal more. 
Locals and even the temple priest or monkey ranger will be happy to do the job for you, for NO tip required.
The cliff is fascinating but the temple itself is not as impressive as others in Bali.
There is also a very scenic cave underneath with rock formations leading onto a beach close to the temple. This is a popular spot for surfers.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park with 240 hectares area has many facilities such as amphitheater, Street Theater, Exhibition Hall and Lotus Pond besides a statue with 146 meters height and 64 meters of Garuda wing span will be the largest statue in the world when completed. The statue represent god Wisnu with his mount a Garuda bird. 
Some parts of the statue such as Wisnu chest statue has been completed and can be seen how big the statue is. Open from 8a.m. to 8p.m. local time with entrance fee IDR 60,000 for each foreign tourist and IDR 30,000 and Rp25,000 for domestic adult and domestic child respectively. 
Pantai Pandawa Spectacular cliff with five giant statues of Pandawa Family from the epic of Mahabharata inside man-made cave. This is a must see place.
Kecak Fire Dance (Uluwatu Temple), Uluwatu Temple Area, 17.00 PmBalinese Kecak Dance is a spectacular traditional dance with the group of people playing this dance with fire game. It is very exciting and unique dance due to the sound of gamelan is not using the normal gamelan but use their mouth. The dancers make the compact choir with the exquisite dance movement that is one of this dance features. The story is usually used for this dance is taken from the Ramayana Epoch. IDR 80.000

3rd place of visit - Jimbaran
Eating seafood on the beach in Jimbaran is a quintessential part of many a visitor's itinerary when coming to Bali.
Jimbaran Bay is home to about fifty grilled seafood restaurants in three different groupings, all set along the beach. The three sections are Muaya (in the very south), Kedonganan (in the middle) and Kelan (north of the fish market). Each of the restaurants is much of a muchness and of the groupings, the most southerly closest to the Four Seasons is the most popular these days.
Tables are set up right on the sand and if you sit at the lowest tables at high tide, you can even get your feet wet. The sea breeze is cool, the sunsets are beautiful and the whole area is lit by oil torches after dark.
The restaurants serve essentially the same menu with one basic dining format:
fire-grilled (bakar) seafood with your own choice of various fish, crab, squid, shrimp, lobster and other shellfishlocal 
green vegetables steamed with garlicrice or french fried potatoes
local spicy sauces
All the restaurants also offer set menus for couples, ranging from IDR 400,000 to as much as 900,000 for different types of seafood combination. All the prices are negotiable, so make sure you shop around. Ask for a discount at the door. A 10% discount is usually granted to attract customers away from the competition.
Everything is freshly caught as Jimbaran is still a functioning fishing village. If you want to drink wine, bring it with you and pay a nominal corkage charge.
The combination of atmosphere and good food make this a memorable and delightful place to spend an evening.
Couple seat 
so romantic right?
Having "candle light" dinner with your love ones facing the beach

While waiting for our dinner we went to snap some sunset photos
I was trying to snap some "model" kind of portrait 
But end up look so funny
Pity my cameraman 

Is dinner time
See what we ordered

Try to "act" gentle
See Big Feast

Let's have a group selfie before start eating
It was our norms
The cost for our big feast was IDR 1,400,000 (IDR 1.4m)

4th place of visit - Hotel (birthday celebration)
Really appreciate the hotel for provide us a birthday cake
for our birthday gal pre-birthday celebration

5th place of visit - 61 Legian Sky Garden (Night Life)
Kuta was so happening during the night
There are a lot of club/pub along the street
and we choosed Sky Garden as the review for this club quite positive
The entrance fee quite cheap and there are 2 complimentary drinks

61 Legian Sky Garden is an eclectic nightspot providing three floors of sophisticated lounging and dancing. 
There is a vibrant sports bar, Irish pub and urban dance club or chill out to cool jazz and Latin tunes in the open air roof top terrace. 
Get there early for great drinks promotions (such as free cocktails between 22:00 and 23:00 every night!) and see the exuberant floor shows with podium dancers and fire eaters. 

Attracts A list DJs from across Asia and Europe. 
Open: 18:00 to late61 Jalan Legian, Kuta, tel: +62361 755 423, fax: +62 361 751 574, email: hrd@61legian.comwebsite:

We end our night by having some Bali 7-11 foods nearby Kuta Beach


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bali Trip - Day 2 (Part 2 Ubud - Warung Babi Guling, Ubud Temple, Batik Painting)

3rd place of visit - Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 2
It is located at Peliatan Ubud - Bali
Below are it's menu:

what we ordered:
Babi Guling Pisah - IDR 70,000
Nasi Babi Guling Special - IDR 45,000
Kelapa Utuh - IDR 20,000
Mixed Juice - IDR 17,000

A special artwork we saw opposite the warung.:

4th place of visit - Ubud Temple

Our friendly tour guide :)

Last place of visit at Ubud - Batik Painting

After travelling for 1/2 day
Is time to travel back to Bali City - Kuta Town
There is an small incident happened when we tried to checked in to our hotel
They claimed that there is system error as their room already fully booked when we placed our booking
They arranged us to their another subsi company
At first we thought it will be cheaper one
But then they offered us a five star hotel called Pullman Hotel
It was a great experience as we just paid for 3 star hotel and stay at 5 star hotel
It was my first time to stay at 5 star hotel
Should some photos about the hotel